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Photo of the Bible and the Book of Mormon

Scripture Songs

Scriptures have power. Music has power. So why not combine the two? For two decades, our family has been setting key scripture texts to original melodies designed to bring out the texts’ meaning and impact. We have written over 300 such songs, and we can attest to the spiritual power they have brought to our lives.

These scripture songs are designed to be used by anyone. Individuals can use the songs to memorize their favorite scripture passages. Parents can teach the songs to their children. Primary leaders can employ the songs as part of their lessons. Seminary teachers can use the songs to help their students become familiar with scripture mastery verses.


Painting of the boy Samuel rising from his bed upon hearing a voice call his name

Old Testament
Scripture Songs

Painting of the risen Lord instructing his apostles outside Jerusalem

New Testament
Scripture Songs

Painting of Christ appearing to the Nephites on the American Continent

Book of Mormon
Scripture Songs

Photo of the Kirtland Ohio Temple

Doctrine and Covenants
Scripture Songs

Photo of the Christus statue in the North Vistor Center on Temple Square

Pearl of Great Price
Scripture Songs

Photo of the Family Proclamation, the Restoration Proclamation, and the Living Christ documents

Songs for Proclamations and Teachings


How to Learn Scripture Songs

The key to learning music is repetition. We have found that the following formula generally works: Listen to the same song three times a day, for three days. It’s best if these days are consecutive; however, for Primary leaders or seminary teachers, three days spread out over a week or month can suffice. You can use the following scheme as a guide:

  • Day 1: Follow along in the text as you listen to the song three times.
  • Day 2: Listen to the song three times. As you do, try to hum or sing along to sections. If you can’t, that’s okay. Read the text again.
  • Day 3: Listen to the song three times, and do your best to sing along. Then try to recite the text from memory.

If you haven’t learned the song after three days, keep listening to it once or twice a day until you know it. After learning a scripture song, try to sing it often enough that you retain it (every couple weeks or so should do the trick). Before long, you will find the word of God popping into your head as you go about your day!


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