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Hiking the Tetons

Piano Compositions by Christopher J. Madsen

Album cover of Hiking the Tetons, showing a picture of looming mountains

Majestic mountains, racing riders, dangerous dragons, and sapphire streams—all of these themes and more can spring from a youth’s imagination. Weaving these ideas into melodies, Hiking the Tetons presents 18 original piano compositions written by CJ Madsen between the ages of 10 and 16. The cover piece, “Hiking the Tetons,” won a national Award of Excellence in the 2009 PTA Reflections contest. Rousing and invigorating, these pieces provide the perfect background music for exercise, home projects, and more!


Solo piano compositions in a variety of styles, from classical to jazz

Sample Track: “Hiking the Tetons”

Price: $5.00


Hiking the Tetons (4:37)
The Sapphire Stream (2:57)
A Country Frolic (1:05)
Beethoven Takes Flight (4:14)
The Call to War (2:37)
Dance of the Tarantula (0:54)
The Dragon’s Wrath (4:31)
Nightwatch Nocturne (4:01)
The Piper’s Quest (5:46)
Song Sparrows (1:28)
Luck o’ the Irish (1:21)
The Hordes of Hallow’s Eve (1:37)
Iridescence (2:06)
The Grim Riders (1:52)
A Race Against Time (1:40)
Memories (4:05)
How ‘Bout Dat Jazz (1:31)

Bonus Track: Eternal War (5:21)

Total running time: 51:43