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Photo of the Bible and the Book of Mormon

Scripture Songs

Scriptures have power. Music has power. So why not combine the two? For two decades, our family has been setting key scripture texts to original melodies designed to bring out the texts’ meaning and impact.

Link to the Wild Northern Sky video in YouTube

“Wild Northern Sky”

“High in the wild northern sky, the cold north stars are shining . . .”

This sprightly, fanciful song by Tyler Madsen will bring a spring to your step!

Cover art for the work One Fold, One Shepherd, showing the Savior descending in a cloud of light

One Fold, One Shepherd

Performances on two continents. Hundreds of participants. Thousands in the audiences.

CJ Madsen’s masterpiece One Fold, One Shepherd—a sacred work based on the Book of Mormon—is now available as both a professional recording and as sheet music, both at reduced prices!

Cover album of A Joy Beyond Measure, showing CJ Madsen dressed like a missionary

A Joy Beyond Measure

What does it mean to serve in the Lord’s vineyard? CJ Madsen’s album of 13 hymn arrangements and 1 composition—all with their origins in his two-year mission to North Carolina—captures the daily joy that comes from doing the Lord’s work.

Cover art for the Hiking the Tetons music album

Hiking the Tetons

Majestic mountains, racing riders, dangerous dragons, and sapphire streams—all of these themes and more can spring from a youth’s imagination. Weaving these ideas into melodies, Hiking the Tetons presents 18 original piano compositions written by CJ Madsen between the ages of 10 and 16.

Photo of CJ Madsen playing a grand piano

Hymns of Hope

Can the coronavirus shut down music? No! To bring cheer and hope to souls shut up in their homes, every Sunday CJ Madsen has been streaming live piano music from his home.


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