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Album cover of A Joy Beyond Measure, showing CJ Madsen as a missionary in North Carolina

One Fold, One Shepherd

A Sacred Choral Work by Christopher J. Madsen

One Fold, One Shepherd is a sacred work for choir, soloists, and orchestra, composed and orchestrated by CJ Madsen with text taken from the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. Originally written in German and performed in Austria, it has now been translated into English, orchestrated, and is available as a professional recording featuring professional soloists, Utah Symphony players, and the A Voice for Good choir.

Similar in style to Rob Gardner’s Lamb of God, the text comes from 3 Nephi in the Book of Mormon and chronicles Mormon’s keeping of the Book of Mormon record, the sign of the Savior’s birth given to the Nephites, their deliverance from the Gadianton robbers, and the Savior’s subsequent appearance and ministry among them. CJ’s beautiful music combines with the sacred words of the scriptures to bring to life a story of deliverance, faith, and the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Sacred musical work performed by choir, soloists, and orchestra

Sample Track: “God of Abraham”



Sheet Music

For questions about the work, including requests to perform it, contact the composer through OneFoldOneShepherd.org.


I Am a Disciple of Jesus Christ (4:14)
Behold, I Come Unto My Own (4:39)
God of Abraham (5:08)
There Arose a Great Storm (4:06)
How Oft Have I Gathered You (5:27)
Behold, I Am Jesus Christ (6:33)
This Is My Gospel (4:11)
And the Multitude Bear Record (5:22)
And Tongue Cannot Speak (3:43)
One Fold, One Shepherd (5:46)

Total running time: 49:15